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Motel Fun

Views: 1779 · Posted: 1 year ago

We met online, she posted an ad and I responded. After a brief exchange, I was off to her motel. When I arrived I knocked on the door and it was not quite what I was expecting. We had arranged to go somewhere a "tad" more daring (What can I say? I love an element of risk.), but I thought that meant travel... Click to Read More

Exclusive Nightclub Orgy

Views: 1851 · Posted: 2 year ago

I’d been getting quite friendly with another crossdresser called Claire, we met through Gaydar and we had been exchanging messages for quite a while, Claire was very keen for us to meet up sometime but I’d kept putting it off.

Both of us had never been out in public dressed and it was... Click to Read More

Omg Can"t belive I done it

Views: 4236 · Posted: 2 year ago

It 2 am and I am just getting home. Well friend of mine askrd me if I wanted to go to a party with him I said yes.I wore my black corset with matching thong and bra. black thigh fishnet stocking hooked my gartor straps. My tightest shortest black mini dress with black sandle 5.5" spike heels... Click to Read More

Never Quite Right

Views: 2450 · Posted: 2 year ago

I wouldn't call this a story per se. More a history of my cross dressing and experiences related to it whether it was just dressing up or sexual as well. How bout if we go all the way back? If I'm going to do this, might as well do it right.

I remember as far back as twelve or thirteen... Click to Read More

Susans Ordeal

Views: 1922 · Posted: 2 year ago

I was awaiting my Master to return from his

Day at the office..

I had readied myself as her requested..

I stood against the wall of the living room

Dutifully attired in red wig, black dress

Long gloves and seamed nylons…I had applied my makeup and used my... Click to Read More